Dinty Child, Isa Burke opens

January 23, 2018 8PM
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$18 / 15

Hi, this is Dinty. Passim had a cancellation, asked me to fill in, and I am psyched. If you go to see music in this town you probably know who I am and have maybe seen one of my bands. If you’ve seen one of my bands, you’ve probably heard some of my songs, and if you liked those songs you will really like this show because there will be a lot more of my songs. Isa and Sean Trischka will be my band, and at the moment I’m writing this Zachariah Hickman is on Josh Ritter’s tour bus somewhere in the southwest writing string arrangements for some of my songs that Annie Bartlett and Mina Kim will be playing on violin and cello. I am ppppsyched.


Hi, this is Isa (actually it’s still Dinty). I am a bad ass songwriter, singer, and player of instruments. Also, my favorite food is oatmeal, unicorns are definitely real and cry marmalade tears, and I’ve always wanted a pet monkey (hey, this is fun). I will play some of my songs before Dinty plays some of his songs. I am ppppstoked.

$18 / 15
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