GoldenOak & Town Meeting

July 06, 2017 8PM
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From the foothills of Western Maine comes GoldenOak, a folk group whose genre-blending sound has them steadily emerging as a musical force in New England. Conceived in the winter of 2013, their woodsy, modern folk sound weaves together rich four-part harmonies and piercing melodic lines over a unique blend of cello, guitar, trumpet, and cajón. Shifting effortlessly from energetic swing to dreamy ballad, they’re as comforting as a campfire and as heart-shaken as a summer squall. 

Named one of Maine's "rising artists" by the Nova Design Group, they celebrated a January release of their their debut album, "Pleasant St." which was recorded during a quiet spring in their house in Bar Harbor, ME. They have since been performing regularly throughout the Northeast, sharing the stage with bands such as the South African phenomenon Jeremy Loops, Canadian hip-hop artist Sonreal, The Way Down Wanderers, Parsonsfield, Lady Lamb, the Dupont Brothers, and many more. Members include Zak Kendall (guitar, lead vocals), Lena Kendall (percussion, lead vocals), Seth Wegner (cello, vocals), and Eloise Schultz (trumpet, vocals).


Acoustic Guitar, vocals | Zak Kendall
Percussion, vocals | Lena Kendall
Cello, vocals | Seth Wegner
Trumpet,  vocals | Eloise Schultz


Town Meeting is a Central Massachusetts-based group featuring original songs and unusual instruments. Their work is eclectic. At one hand, their power and energy compels a crowd to its dancing feet; on the other, their lyrical imagery quietly absorbs the audience.  

Town Meeting is composed of “three brothers and two others”.  Luke, Russ and Babe Condon are joined by Dean Adrien and Tim Cackett. They have developed an avid local following, but have also performed from Maine to Nashville, and opened for the likes of Willie Nelson, Sturgill Simpson, Third Eye Blind and Bob Dylan.

Eldest brother Luke Condon strums a left-handed rhythm guitar with infectious vigor.  His lyrics are poetic (“The hour glass is getting bottom heavy, and I can feel the glass about to break”),  or whimsical (“I’m in love with Hermione Granger”).  His song “Time” combines an intimation of one’s mortality with a raucous rockabilly beat that celebrates life in the face of death - Hamlet goes to a Hoe-down.

Russ Condon sits astride a cajon, a Peruvian drum. He coaxes, with hand slaps, a spectrum of percussive nuances and volumes. His clear baritone fits seamlessly with Luke’s, the natural blend and timbre of brothers.  A prolific songwriter, his powerful “You Don’t Hear My Music Any More” is a primal wail of anguish over lost love, running the gamut of shock, denial, rage and finally acceptance.  His songs are introspective, such as  “If This Were A Movie”, with the opening lines, “If this were a movie, would we be the stars, or would we be the people walking our dogs?”

Brendan (“Babe”) is the youngest Condon brother. A percussionist and vocalist, Babe adds a howling, growling harmonica to the mix.  His first writing effort is “Phoenix”, a touching quest of youthful angst, in search of a safer future, risen from its past ashes.  “California isn’t what I thought it’d be when I put myself inside a plane and left my family.  Now I’m hoping I can find relief in Phoenix.”

Longtime music fans will recognize the name of Dean Adrien, lead guitarist and tenor for Town Meeting.  Co-founder of the 1970s Boston-based group Orphan, he later combined with Orphan’s Eric Lilljequist as a duet, and for decades backed Tom Rush on his New England gigs. Dean’s guitar work is melodic and understated, befitting each song. Note his tasteful licks in “Leave the Light On” and funky picking in “Digging”.

Tim Cackett, instrumental virtuoso, plays dazzling electric bass lines. He kills it! Collaborative songwriter. His mandolin work is unique. It tinkles like a piano, bounces like a plucked violin, or drives a dancing crowd with a powerful rhythm. He has lately added banjo, acoustic/electric guitar and upright bass to his repertoire.

In 2016, Town Meeting released its first studio CD, “If I Die”.  They are currently working on a follow up to be recorded this fall for release in 2017.          


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$15 / 13
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