Tom Petty Tribute (part 2)

January 11, 2018 7PM
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$15 / 10

Our Tom Petty tribute night last year was such a hit--and only scratched the surface of Petty's catalog--that we decided to have another one.  If you came to the last tribute night, don't fear!  You may see some of the same artists, but no songs will be repeated.


Featuring the following local artists:

Janet Feld

Rob Siegel

Evan Greer

The Lied To’s

Adam Michael Rothberg

Jeff Butcher & Eleanor Buckland

Ro Colegrove

Seamus Galligan

Mark Stepakoff

David Tanklefsky

Tory Silver

Jim Trick

Jim Wooster & Jon Svetkey

The Troubling Blueberries

Ryan Fitzsimmons

Hank Wonder

David Richardson

Nate Sabat


Please note that the seating chart has recently been updated, so be sure you are purchasing the seats you want.  If you do not purchase all seats at your table, other patrons may be seated with you.  Your ticket reserves you a place at the table you select but not a specific location at that table.  There is no food or beverage minimum.  All tickets are non-refundable.

$15 / 10
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