Wayworn Travelers

February 17, 2017 8PM
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Normally known for their rare (once-a-year) performances, Wayworn Travelers return to Passim early on the heels of July's sold-out show, with another brand new look at the towering influence of the Carter Family. 

Each Wayworn Travelers show is grown from the previous one, and strives to shine light into dark corners and crevices of early American folk music. To many, the Carter Family represents the beginning of modern folk music. This particular show finds the group continuing its climb up the Carter family tree into the 1950s and 60s, building a bridge from the original recordings to the Carters' later associations with Chet Atkins, Johnny Cash, and others. 

That isn't all. In addition to drawing deeply from the Carter catalog, Wayworn Travelers sprinkle the evening with songs from musical cousins of the Carters — among them Jimmie Rodgers, Howard Armstrong and Charlie Poole — digging deep into that bedrock to unearth often lesser-known but equally precious gems. 

The members of Wayworn Travelers have worked on the frontlines of some of America’s best music, having performed and recorded with 1920s-30s stringband legend Howard ‘Louie Bluie’ Armstrong (in the PBS documentary “Sweet Old Song”), Chris Smither, Morphine, Jim Kweskin, Tarbox Ramblers, Either Orchestra, Michael Hurley, Men & Volts, Gunther Schuller and many others. They’ve performed at venues as diverse as The Boston Folk Festival, The Montreal Jazz Festival, The Country Music Hall of Fame, and The New York City Blues Festival, along the way garnering praise from the New York Times, The New Yorker, Boston Magazine, The Boston Music Awards, Mountain Stage and more. 

An aggregation of nationally-known Boston musicians, the group came together to perform at a film festival for the debut of ‘The Winding Stream’, a new documentary about the Carter Family. They continue to build on that performance, becoming less and less about revisiting the past and more and more about paying it forward. 

Wayworn Travelers is:
~ Dennis Brennan (dennisbrennan.com)
~ Anita Suhanin (anitasuhanin.com)
~ Bruce Millard (goodtimeguru.com/music/ hokumsheroes.html)
~ Elijah Wald (elijahwald.com)
~ Jerome Deupree (wikipedia.org/wiki/Jerome_ Deupree)
with Matt Leavenworth (John Lincoln Wright, The Mystix, Peter Wolf) and other special guests ..



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$20 / 18
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