Passim School of Music

Spring II '17 Semester

Spring is here! As exciting as that is for our New England weather, it's more exciting for New England musicians and students eager to pick up another semester of exciting instruction in Folk/Americana and beyond! Spring II will bring along a couple of changes, including brand-new classes delving into new topics, the introduction of first-time instructors, as well as the revision of a few of our staple classes. 


New Classes

Guitar 5: Advanced Chord Shapes and Rhythms with Janet Feld

Music Theory In Your Own Words with Emily Moran

Magnetism On-Stage: Crafting Memorable Performances with Emily Moran


Introducing Rachel Sumner and Dan Bui, of Twisted Pine, as instructors of the Bluegrass Ensemble!


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We thank you endlessly for your support. Our School of Music continues to grow due to your desire to learn and your love of community.

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About the School

Founded in 2000, the Passim School of Music offers classes, master classes, workshops, and private lessons to adults in a fun and informal setting. The School of Music at Club Passim is an open and highly creative environment that encourages students to excel beyond their ability and truly hone their craft. Part of the Passim mission is to create and encourage a vibrant music community, and the school is a fundamental part of this mission.