Guitar 3 with Janet Feld

Starts: 03/22/2017
Wednesday 8PM - 9:30PM
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$150 / 130

This class is a continuation of Guitar 2 and where we learn to make friends with bar chords.  I move all of my students in this direction because being able to play bar chords means you’ll be able to play just about any chord you want – if your favorite song has a C#m in it, you’ll know two ways to play it and eventually seeing that chord (or a Bb7, or Fm) won’t give you a stomach ache.


As with all of my classes, each week we learn a song or two each of which contains a skill set; new chords, strumming & finger picking patterns, information about navigating sheet music and tabs. 


By the end of this class, students will be able to play bar chords with relative comfort and have what you need in your guitar playing toolbox to make them your BFF.  We’ll work on various finger exercises to help build strength and dexterity and I’ll help you create a manageable practice regimen.  Please bring a guitar, flat pick and capo.  Song list: She’s A Rebel (Green Day), Trouble In The Fields (Nanci Griffith), Fields of Gold (Sting), Heart of the Matter (Don Henley), Circle Game (Joni Mitchell), One Day (Matisyahu).


This class meets on Mar. 22, 29, Apr. 5, 12, 19, 26. 

$150 / 130
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