Harpageddon: A Harmonica Ensemble with Annie Raines

Starts: 03/30/2017
Thursday 6:30PM - 8PM
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$150 / 130

A long time ago, in a galaxy very close by but otherwise very unfamiliar today, there was a band of rogues and reprobrates known as the Cambridge Harmonica Orchestra. Imagine anywhere from 10 to 50 harp players churning out Blues & R&B rhythms at festivals and parades, breathing in perfect synchronization and having the time of their lives. It could happen again, right here in Cambridge where it started! It's great training for playing rhythm in a blues band, and a solid aerobic workout! We’ll work on two to three songs per class and review material learned earlier, until we’ll be able to take any open mic in the city by storm!


This class is open to advanced beginners on up to professionals and you will learn new techniques as we go along. Bring your A, C and D harps.

$150 / 130
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